Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TAM 2012 Review - Wednesday

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The plane arriving at my departure gate was being showered with water not because it wasn't on fire or anything. It was because all of the passengers were WWII vets. They were here as part of some event. Since most of them needed assistance debording, there was a big of a delay boarding the plane. I was worried that I wouln't make the connecting flight, but we did. Whatever time the vets needed, they deserved. 

 This is the view from the hotel room. I never made it to the pool. Not only did I not have time, it was TOO HOT even to go out to the pool.

Shortly after registering, James Randi, the name sake of the organization, came up to me and ask if this was my first TAM. I said yes. As soon as I said yes, he went around saying "We have a virgin over here! A TAM virgin."  Later, I ran into him again and someone asked if I could take a picture with him and Randi and that he would do the same. I agreed. When it was my turn to get a picture,I asked him if he would say "Wish you were here Celestia" Rather then saying that, he did a whole bit where he looked around for her and stuff. He really is a swell guy.

In the evening a bunch of TAMers hung out at the DelMar bar... A wonderful woman named Barbra brought some DELICIOUS red velvet sugar cookies. GENIUS! 

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